2020 Audition INformation

Thank you for your interest in The Frisco Ballet. Open auditions have passed for the 2019-2020 season. For those dancers interested in auditioning for possible placement mid-season, please call 972-712-1100. Otherwise, open auditions will return in July 2020. Please continue reading to learn more about what you can expect as a member.

being a Member of the Frisco Ballet

The Frisco Ballet is an excellent, proven opportunity that furthers students technical ability in the art of dance.  Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms and is important in developing solid, well rounded dancers and performers.  Education in classical ballet paves the path for further advancement in a student’s dance education and the dance world.  The Frisco Ballet and Sheena’s Dance Academy are proud to provide this opportunity to students within a variety of ages.  Although all members of The Frisco Ballet train at Sheena’s Dance Academy under the supervision and direction of Ms. Sheena, The Frisco Ballet is a completely separate entity from Sheena’s Dance Academy.

The Frisco Ballet has performed a variety of ballet productions in various settings and venues since 1999.  TFB is unique.  The performance opportunities and locations change periodically enabling students to experience an assortment of performance environments and audiences.  Our Nutcracker productions since 1999 have ranged from small intimate venues, to black box atmosphere, to dinner theatre, to large full stage productions.  It will be another exciting year.

The Frisco Ballet is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization. Therefore, fundraising, community appearances, & special events are extremely important to the success and future of TFB.  As a member, you will be expected to participate and show your support for this ballet company by being present and participating at appearances and events.  Dancers not showing full support and dedication will NOT be invited to perform in our fall production.  Volunteer support from dancers’ parents is also important.  We look forward to each parent getting involved while enjoying the true experience of your child being a part of such a respected ballet company throughout this community.  

The Frisco Ballet trains at Sheena’s Dance Academy under the direction of company founder, executive and artistic director, Sheena Laramore. In the past, The Frisco Ballet has performed such delights as Cinderella, The Nutcracker, A Holiday Extravaganza, Coppelia, to name a few.  Every dancer will be expected to attend all scheduled rehearsals & mandatory classes, as well as maintain a positive attitude & work ethic at all times.  This is an excellent growth opportunity in classical ballet and overall technical dance training. Those not attending mandatory classes, rehearsals, & appearances will not be included in production preparation or TFB. 

The Frisco Ballet commitment length is through December 31st.  Those who have completed the audition process and been accepted into The Frisco Ballet will be invited annually to remain a member of TFB beginning in January for a calendar year.  Invitation to return to The Frisco Ballet is based on previous commitment and merit.

The Frisco Ballet members are required to attend a minimum of two ballet classes weekly at Sheena’s Dance Academy in addition to mandatory rehearsals scheduled by Ms. Sheena in preparation for upcoming appearances and performances.  Class and rehearsal attendance is mandatory.  Anyone exceeding 3 total absences will be dismissed from The Frisco Ballet and replaced with an awaiting alternate.  We HIGHLY recommend each TFB member attend summer instruction as well in order to maintain dance level and technique.

The Frisco Ballet Company performs at Sheena’s Dance Academy’s annual recitals.  This performance piece will be in addition to regular class recital routines.  Rehearsals will be mandatory for recital preparation and begin in April.

All parents of TFB dancers are encouraged to become a part of The Guild.  What a great opportunity to become involved and contribute to the community, The Frisco Ballet, and meet others.